The Queen of Tea Voracious V!

As you are all aware, I do have a slight obsession with tea, tea cups, tea bags, high tea and most things related to tea time. Just tea time all around really. I was asked to do a challenge along side some of my favourite burlesque performers in the city, whom I love and respect very deeply, to complete a routine that was over 11 minutes long and still interesting 8 mins in. This production was called Burlesque Long Form, and it is in it’s second successful year, and I loved every minute of it – well, maybe not the entire process of the costume construction/deconstruction/reconstruction – but loved it none the less.


I decided to use a wild and ridiculous idea I was concocting months before, that when it’s first attempt was made and failed to meet my high expectations, I persevered to the finished product at a later date with the help of amazing friends and much dedication. I was thrilled that it came together for this show and look forward to it growing and ever evolving….. to 30 mins! KIDDING!

“It’s all about being able to tea bag someone and laugh about it” -Said Me

You can check out the Video here. And I suggest you do.

For now, I leave you with…. more tea times.



Voracious V

Falling into ALL the glitter and glamour!

I haven’t written a blog in far too long, for the usual reasons, I suck at it. BUTT, I don’t suck at keeping myself occupied in many other aspects of my life. I had the pleasure of just finishing up a 5 show run for the Vancouver Fringe Festival with the magnificent collaborative efforts and brains of Pandora and the Locksmiths, Kitty Nights West and Burgundy Brixx‘s production of “Gypsy Rose Lee at Minsky’s Burlesque!” We couldn’t have asked for a better turn out in those classy old Cultch theatre seats! Thank you to every one who came and supported the “booby ballet and mammary manipulations,” it was such a treat! I will admit that I am learning to jump a bit more outside my comfy bubble and getting more confident with my abilities as a silly actress, and singer – errrr ok maybe not the singing part.

Speaking of Pandora and the Locksmiths, we just celebrated THREE years together as an amazing collective! I couldn’t be MORE proud to call myself a member. So many talented musicians, artists, dancers, and singers all together creating such mind blowing work every month for the last 37 shows! The room was filled with such love and support, especially seeing some other key members of the burlesque community whom I look up to and have supported and taught me from the very beginning. A special thanks to Guilt and Co for being an amazing and supportive venue, and Jody Bowen for her crazy hard work and beautifully sparkly vision.

I am also proud to announce that I was accepted into the 11th annual New York Burlesque Festival! While I am so proud to be a part of it, I am still a little in a state of shock, holding myself back from responding to the email with “ummm, are you sure you got the right girl?” as I awkwardly glance behind me looking for another sparkly goddess I could be mistaken for. But the first step to becoming stronger and better at what I do, is accepting that I am worth it. And that I shall do. HERE I COME NEW YORK!


Now, to leave you with a few photos from the amazing Shimona Henry at Pin up Perfection Photography. …… Your welcome.

 DSC_7963 copy-2DSC_8887_fb

Guess who?


I am extremely pleased to announce that I have been asked to perform my “Galactic-bitch” solo at this years Vancouver International Burlesque Festival May 2-4th! I am so excited to have, yet another, love affair with the sexy and historical stage of Vancouvers own Vogue Theatre.

Another production I am pleased to be a part of as well, is an amazing collaboration of creative forces between our very own Pandora and the Locksmiths, and the world renowned Kitty Nights West Vancouver! Both brought together by the amazing Burgundy Brixx! This will be showcasing the amazing legendary life of Gypsy Rose Lee and her life working at Minsky’s Burlesque during the golden age of burlesque!

Tickets will be on sale soon!

May 2 – The Rio Theatre

May 3/4 – The Vogue Theatre


Voracious V