Pandora and the Locksmiths Live Jazz Burlesque!

I just want to mention, perhaps again, but never enough…. how much I love this collective I have the privilege of working with….. known as Pandora and the locksmiths live jazz burlesque! There is over 16 of us all working hard monthly to produce the most solid, kick ass, sexy and sassy production for our audience. Showcasing our talents from everything to tassel twirling, belly dancing, sword swallowing, soulful vocals, international guest stars, the occasional magician, and our straight up glamourous, over sparkled sexy selves……… ALL performed with a live five piece jazz band! Folks, this is the event I invite my family and friends to MONTHLY (since we do it monthly),  but if I can invite my 81 year old grandmother to watch me perform here (and she loved it), then there is no reason to miss it!

If you want to keep updated on our monthly show dates, other events (or just plain want to hire us for an event) then this is the place to keep posted, our blog! We do monthly blogs with highlights from the previous shows, including the hand selected pictures from our private photographers of all our saucy ladies (and gents).

See you March 12th! Show @ 9pm.


(above: the lovely legs of August Wiled)


Voracious V


Master list of Burlesque Festivals around the world

I have found this information quite handy, seen as how I apparently just found this recently! You can plan your applications and travels accordingly, with a lot of information about all the Burlesque festivals around the world, all their application deadlines, dates and fees if applicable!

Thanks Ri Ri Syn Cyr

Check it out!


Voracious V and Nicky Ninedoors

Well, I don’t really know a better way to thank my artsy stars, than collaborating with another amazingly talented artist that I also call my best friend. When the two of us mash our imagination stations into one, we come up with some pretty awesome stuff. I have just applied this wonderful piece for the Vancouver International Burlesque festivals 2013 dates @ the Vogue theater! Crossing fingers. And toes.

Here’s the video entitled “All is full of love”

Nicky NineDoors Voracious V


Voracious V and Nicky Ninedoors


Stumble and FALL

Today, on this slightly overcast fall day, I find myself thinking about all the changes that this season is bringing me. Some less than good, some amazing. September has been a personally challenging month for me so far. But the sun is shining bright and strong, and I guess that’s what seasonal changes are for, renewal. And reflecting on things that we are thankful for.

Now that this shift is bringing us into the busier time for the thriving Vancouver burlesque scene, I am excited to announce I am concocting a new routine that I am pleased to be working on the costume with my lovely friend Tucky Aalto. Now, I normally go through the amazing “Messica Demolition” designer and fabricator of fine threads, so this is out of my comfort zone and into the exciting unknown! I have decided to dive into the depths of space this time 😉 I apparently I have an appetite for something out of this world! (Voracious Vortex, Voracious Venus…. Etc.)

Speaking of change, what better way to ring in the new fall season with a birthday?! Yes, mine. Celebrate this time of change, a new year to look forward to sharing. Debuting my new routine October 9th @ Guilt and Company’s “Fall in love again” event for our monthly show with Pandora and the Locksmiths! Every 2nd Tuesday of the month! I also share with you my date of birth (actually Oct 8th, but I like to milk this for all it’s worth).

Come down and enjoy all the amazing performers such as our resident fiery red head Burgundy Brixx, our singing stripsation Nicky Ninedoors! And one of burlesque Vancouver’s newest and hottest tall slender brunette’s… August Wilde! And lest we forget our guest of honour, the beautifully classic auburn bombshell…. Miss Via Rose!

I am so excited to ring in a new year (for me) of performing with all of these amazingly hot and talented ladies! Along side the talents of the band The Locksmiths ❤




“No fun ‘Sin’ City” Vancouver 2012

What a delicious night of sinful treats! I would like to mention, if not already known, that vancouver has so many delightful/sinful communities that everyone should be taking advantage of, it is right under our noses. I had the privaledge of performing with the notorious Nicky Ninedoors, Little Miss Risk and the one and only Masuimi Max on saturday! These ladies are not only talented and sexy, they are captivating to watch.

Thanks “no fun city” for such an awesome event! Thanks for all your hard work Isaac and Trish 🙂

And here is the video to prove it 😉



Voracious V + Nicky Ninedoors + Happy mushrooms = Debut sexy fetish duet for Sin City night @ the Red room <3

Every one has a fetish, right? I usually prefer my sweet treats, seamed stockings, lacey friends and a good pair of high heels 🙂 Hopefully Nicky Ninedoors and myself have covered at least a few things in our new duet that tickle your fancy. Yes friends, we have collaborated yet again for many reasons, mostly sexy reasons.

I only hope that you will be lucky enough to witness the hot times that are going to be had on stage tomorrow night at Sin City 11 year anniversary show @ the Red room. Ninedoors and I will be sharing the saucy stage with vancouver’s very own sinful and delightfully twisted Little Miss Risk, as well as the infamous Masuimi Max! If you miss this, I we may give you another chance.


All is full of love

I would like to start by saying that I don’t do a lot of blog entries due to the fact that I am merely inexperienced with the networking land that is blogs/twitters…etc. And not to mention the fact that my grammar is le horrible! However, it does make my entries very colorful if I like the squiggly red lines under all my words! BUT, I think if most will “bare” with me, I am going to try and make more of an effort.

I have been feeling a little uninspired in my burlesque-ing as summer has hit Vancouver. I have been more in the dream land of country sides, camping and growing plants that provide me with sweet supple treats to eat. But every time I dip back into watching a video of someone I look up to, or going to a show filled with my favorite people, that little fire that usually sits in my belly for creating sexy, becomes aflame again. I feel like my heart and stomach are guiding me towards creating a new routine.

So what inspires me? And why do I have momentary pauses of inspiration? Because I believe that I have high expectations for my ideas, and trying to be “original,” when that is hardly reachable. What I need to do is just be me, feeding on past experiences and connecting with an idea that I feel very personally about. I think that I enjoy so many performers that are expressing their minds, emotions, experiences and dreams through their body as an art. This inspires me. Telling a story, or being taken along a story is very effective. This inspires me.

Not to mention listening to my “Perform this one day” playlist of songs I “plan” on doing one day 😉 Which I need more inspiring songs and would like to know where to search the interwebs for artists I may like. I will take any suggestions you may have as well!

Perhaps I only did this blog entry purely for selfish gain….. perhaps needing to be held accountable for my own creative laziness at the moment. I guess it’s just a friendly reminder to myself and to you to not be discouraged by fluctuating creativity levels. And to always be up on your networking networks n stuff. For networking purposes.

Either way… you “bared” with me 😉